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The difference between a good designer and a great designer lies in the way a problem is approached, answered and reflected. A great designer comes up with the greatest possible outcome, despite imposed limitations; they are innovative and adaptable. A great designer can put themselves into the shoes of their user; they listen, observe and have empathy. In order to do this, designers needs to think more like he/she did as a child before they began to be taught how to think.

In his TedX talk, George Land discusses why we “unlearn creativity.” When a test measuring aptitude for creativity and innovation was administered to 5 year olds, 98% of them tested at the genius level. When tested...

For the past year, I have been using improv techniques in workshops with stakeholders, end users and my own team. I’ve also moderated a workshop “Improvise to empathise” at conferences and events in Ireland, the UK and the US.

Lyndsey and Karen had the opportunity to attend a Design Leaders Breakfast Seminar, hosted by Institute Designers Ireland, where they heard Neil O’Brien talk about how to use the 3 competencies of The Mental Fitness approach to become a peak performer.

To kick off 2018 we had our first round of these 5 minute presentations in January. We learned about Why Typography Matters, competing at SEO, Drupal 8 templates, Mental Fitness for Business, and When to Apologise.

Applications for this role are now closed.

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Applications for this role have now closed.