Iterate Presents 5 Minutes - January

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In an effort to better understand each team member’s unique contribution to iterate, we have begun monthly sessions where each team member gives a 5 minute presentation educating the rest of the team about a specific aspect of their work. It is a great opportunity to not only work on our presentation skills, but it also allows us to learn from each other. We don't take ourselves too seriously so the presentations were fun and informative. Below is a brief overview explaining what each team member spoke about last month.

To kick off 2018 we had our first round of these 5 minute presentations in January. We learned about Why Typography Matters, competing at SEO, Drupal 8 templates, Mental Fitness for Business, and When to Apologise.

Mark started off the presentations with a look at why typography matters. The goal of the presentation was to introduce the team to the basics of typography by discussing the characteristics of different type classifications. We took a look at the anatomy of letterforms in order to be able to identify and discuss different fonts. We also looked at how we read type by looking at negative space, line length and saccadic eye movement. If you didn’t know and we sure didn’t, saccades are rapid, ballistic movements of the eyes that abruptly change the point of fixation. We finished with some practical tips on web typography and advanced typesetting options in text editor tools.

Next, Dale gave us a live demonstration of a Drupal 8 template and discussed the pros and cons of using a template as a basis for a development project. As a company who has spent years discussing the downfalls of using templates, this was an eye opener!

Colin gave us a brief overview of how to compete at SEO. We looked at the consideration to bid on competitor branded keywords in adwords and at related searches to help identify competitor keywords. He also analysed the nature of keywords or phrases and how they can indicate where a searcher may be in their purchase and if they are someone that should be targeted. Lastly, he spoke about crafting content that delivers a superior experience.

Lyndsey and Karen had just come back from a seminar with Neil O’Brien who spoke about the importance of Mental Fitness, specifically when its applied to business performance. Their presentation detailed the three factors that contribute to Mental Fitness:

  • Mood
  • Self Discipline and Habit
  • Resilience and Recovery

While they discussed the details and insights involved with all three of these contributing factors to mental fitness, in the end the steps and exercises taken to improve on each ultimately lead to this conclusion:

“The key to your mental fitness is the ability to do what you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do it”

and the understanding that your potential is on the edge of your comfort zone and that is where mental fitness is. A follow up post will go into this in more detail.

Finally, Gary spoke about the importance of apologising and specifically, knowing when and how to apologise. And on that note, we’re sorry that it’s been so long since we wrote a blog post… we’ve been very busy working on client projects! FYI, you’re not meant to make excuses after you apologise but we're still learning.