We're hiring: Front End Developer

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Who are we?

We started in a tiny office in an incubation centre just over 4 years ago with no money and no clients. We’re now located in our city centre offices with seven full-time staff and six contractors. We work with an ever growing list of over 50 high profile clients on increasingly interesting and complex digital projects. The company has grown year on year by at least 50% and we’ve recently secured contracts that will keep us busy well into 2016.

So what do we do exactly?

The simple answer is we design and develop websites but it’s not as simple as it may appear. Our core business always has and always will be based on the principles of User Centred Design.


What are we looking for?

We’re looking for a full-time front end developer to join us who excels in working within a fast-moving and highly collaborative work environment. Having recently added a full-time Project Manager to our growing team, we are now looking to add a talented Front End Developer as we work on some really interesting and complex projects into 2016 and beyond.

Main Responsibilities

A typical project comprises of implementing highly customised layouts based on extensive user research and planning, so an insane attention to detail is required. You would rarely work on any project independently, other developers would be working with you on the same codebase as you at the same time so you’ll need to be able to work collaboratively and know how to version and merge changes.

The majority of our development is done with Drupal, so experience of working with that CMS will be a distinct advantage, however, if you think you can tick most of the boxes below we can discuss bridging any gaps.

This is primarily a HTML/CSS/JS based role however a good understanding of how to apply that to various Drupal site building methods will be essential once you’re up to speed.

This is a full time position, based in our office in Dublin City Centre. Our work process is highly collaborative and hands on and we are not currently considering a remote position.

Desirable Skills & Experience

  • Creates standards-based HTML / CSS

  • Proven experience developing for cross-platform/devices

  • Demonstrable experience with responsive design is mandatory, no exceptions

  • Experience with responsive, grid based template frameworks such as Bootstrap or Foundation

  • Has implemented templates with Drupal theme frameworks like Omega or Zen

  • Uses SASS to create sane CSS code, we use Compass.

  • Can plan and execute a lean CSS approach based on patterns

  • Knowledge of the Drupal template system, both Drupal 7 and 8, how it interoperates with core and doesn’t write arbitrary custom code.

  • Comfortable with code versioning, we use Git.

  • Comfortable working within a sound deployment process comprising of Dev, QA and Production environments.

  • Can package Drupal configuration into code when needed.

  • Comfortable with Drupal developer modules such as Views and Context.

  • Experience with online team collaboration/project management tools such as Slack, Asana and Harvest.

  • Experience and knowledge of agile techniques, tools and processes is a very strong plus

  • Strong personal time management skills and has a strong attention to detail

  • Knows their way around other Open Source CMS platforms such as Wordpress and MODX

  • Wouldn't ever write a CSS declaration with !important at the end of it !important;

What about qualifications?

While it’d be great if you had qualifications we’re more interested in what you have done rather than what you studied. We’ll need to see that you can demonstrate you’ve led various frontend projects within a wider project team.

Benefits and perks

Separate to your salary we offer all full-time staff the following:

  • An annual training budget that you can use on what you see fit to support your job from magazine subscriptions to attending conferences wherever you want

  • A contribution towards private health insurance

  • If you have a pension, we’ll contribute to it each month

  • Generous annual leave

  • A shiny new MacBook to work on and the software you need to get on with your job

If you’re interested, what’s next?

Send the following in an email to gary.hammond@iterate.ie with a subject line of “Frontend Developer”:

  • CV attached in PDF format

  • Link to your LinkedIn Profile (if you have one)

  • Links to work samples