Drupal 8 is finally here

8 • 10 • 15

After what has seemed like an eternal wait, yesterday's announcement that the first release candidate of Drupal 8.0 is ready means that we will be working with a very different Drupal going forward.

We’ve been gearing up for Drupal 8 since early 2013 so we would be ready to begin working on production websites on day one. We've kept track and learned the ins and outs of what makes the new Drupal tick; we've run internal training, attended conferences, blogged and presented talks at conferences on the changes ahead.

As of today, all new Drupal websites we work on will be delivered on the new platform. Our multidisciplinary full-time team in Research, UX, Design and Digital Strategy are already researching and preparing to make the most of the CMS right through from ideation, deployment and support.

We're relishing the opportunities the new system provides and to continuing to offer industry leading expert Drupal development services in Ireland to the highest profile adopters of the system.

Our Drupal based projects have been recognised by premier industry awards bodies, most recently securing five finalist nominations, including Web Agency of the Year, at the upcoming 2015 Realex Web Awards.

Why did we hold off until now?

Beta versions of Drupal 8 have been available for some time. In theory, we could have began to work with the new system before now and transitioned websites to a stable version once released. However, after much debate we felt this was too risky a proposition for both our clients and us given the nature of the bugs that existed at the time.

Let's make something great on Drupal 8

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